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Photography by Alan Edwards ARPS, EFIAP, PPSA, BPSA


Welcome to the new edition of sylvan-images.com


sylvan-images.com showcases the work of Alan Edwards. The site is still under construction so some links may not work.


An enthusiastic amateur, Alan started processing his own monochrome images in a makeshift darkroom many years ago. This was followed by colour printing and transparency processing.


As soon as digital became a practical proposition, the darkroom became redundant and all the film based cameras and darkroom equipmend were sold and replaced with digital gear. This allowed far greater freedom and control over processing than was possible in the darkroom. Particular benefit was gained through being able to work on an image for a short while then save it, and reload it when convenient for further processing.

Brisbane City Female Grey Seal 1411103384 Manchester Marathon 1604102589-1 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 1702269789